Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Help Impoverished Families in Iquitos, Peru

It takes a community working together to overcome extreme poverty, or in this case, 11 villages working together!

Several years ago, our team flew to Iquitos, Peru, then drove until the road ended, then hiked until the trail disappeared into the Amazon river, then were taken by canoe into 11 remote villages in the Amazonian jungle.

The families in these villages were struggling to survive on their own. They isolated themselves from each other and their surrounding villages, weakening their resources, pushing them further into hardship. They were desperate for change.

Typically the women in these communities worked the vegetation, toiled the land, and attempted to earn a meager wage selling wares, while caring for all the children, while the men travel into town for work, gone for days at a time, often finding that earnings are scarce, and what they do earn is usually spent on drink.

The first order of business?? A concert of course! "Rock the Rio" was the first social gathering bringing all 11 villages and their leaders together in a fun, neutral environment to get people interacting and talking to each other and has been a much anticipated annual event ever since.

After that, the men remained resistant to working together, but the women were willing. So, we started there.

Through several series of meetings with the village women we learned more about exactly what they were facing, what their challenges were, what resources they had to work with...and came up with a plan...

Years later that plan has turned into a successful and profitable group business bringing much needed hope, purpose, and resources to these hard working ladies.

So now what? Our team will be returning again for 10 days this coming February 2016 to put on the annual "Rock the Rio" concert, as well as check in on the women's group to reinforce and bolster their businesses. (of course we'll be purchasing some of their wares to bring home too!)

BUT this time we're adding something NEW!

This year, Nathan has been asked to help initiate a men's gathering. They've seen the success their wives have had and now they are willing to try it out too.

Each day we'll be leading men's and women's meetings in hopes of continuing to see progress and growth, and to promote continued unity among these villages.

What about the kids you say?! Oh don't worry. They are going to be taking a break from their every day labor and given a chance to PLAY and have FUN! Every day we'll be doing songs, and crafts, and games, and of course FUTBOL which is their favorite, and each day we'll cook and serve a meal, which is often the only meal of the day for them, so we'll make sure it's GOOD!

As a family, we are committed to working extra hours and setting aside a percentage of our monthly income toward the cost of this trip, but there are some remaining expenses above and beyond what we can do on our own.

Our goal is to raise $6000.

This money will help cover:
     - required immunizations
     - flights, boats, meals, and base camp lodging
     - kids event supplies and give-aways: sports equipment, crafts, hygiene items etc
     - food to cook and serve the community each day
     - paying the local bands for "Rock the Rio"
     - books and resources for local church libraries
     - and a financial gift to continue supporting village businesses

Would you consider joining our team as a financial supporter?

Together we can make a difference and help keep these families working together in their fight against poverty.

*Note* Donations made through this site are NOT tax deductible

To receive a tax-deduction receipt, please mail a check payable to:
                        Colorado Community Church - with the memo "Hynum-Amazon"
                        2220 S. Chambers Rd
                        Aurora, CO  80014